Daily Core Workshop Recording
Replay the live workshop: Meet Your Daily Core! with Emily and Nicole
Filmed at Longevita in Auburn, WA on November 15, 2019

Understanding Your Inner Core Muscles and How They Function

Ever wonder what is meant when an instructor mentions how your core starts at your feet? Learn this and more! Incorporate what you learn on the mat or reformer into the other 23 hours of the day to help you stay healthy and pain free in this workshop!

This workshop will give you the tools you need to feel better in your daily life and dive deep into your movement and excercise practices and workouts. Join us on a journey to learn how to connect your breath with your movement and how to tap into your inner core. In this workshop not only will you learn about breath, your pelvic floor and pelvis/hips, but also how to integrate your inner core into everyday life for a healthier, happier core, back, hips, and movement all day!

This workshop is geared towards everyone! From new practitioners to instructors! If you breathe and have a pelvis this class if for you!

Anatomy and physiology presentation by Nicole, Functional Manual Therapist

Movement practices to embody these vital muscles taught by Emily, certified Pilates instructor and Yoga Alliance RYT-500

This is a video replay for purchase available through Om Mama Co. The original workshop was held at Longevita in Auburn, WA on November 15th, 2019.
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